My journey to becoming a winemaker is, I’m sure, a fairly typical story. I studied, apprenticed, and accumulated degrees… in aerospace engineering.  Now if the link between rockets and wine isn’t immediately obvious, I suppose I could go on about a background in chemistry, or the instilled attention to detail, process control, and quality assurance.  It’s likely more honest however to point out that two decades of designing airplane and rocket engines means 20 years of the frustrations that come with working for massive aerospace corporations.  Quick math says that’s at least 5,200 glasses of after-work wine to survive it all… and here a love was born.

Appreciation turned into a hobby, new studies turned into new apprenticeships, and in 2013 the dream turned into Aveo.

I’ve traded in my hydrazine and liquid oxygen for Cabernet and Petit Verdot. I think you'll agree they pair far better with cheese.

-- Steve Jennings